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OARS Regatta results

By Jim Fentress, 03/12/18, 3:30PM EDT


OARS Regatta awards yet more medals for CCRC members

Hello members,

Your CCRC racing crew again reaped some rewards for all their hard work preparing for this sprint season racing.

Saundra and her new boat earned a Bronze medal in her first race ever in a single (1x).  There was tough competition and this is a pretty good result for a Sweep rower who only began Sculling a year ago.  Congratulations, Saundra!

In the Men's 1x race, Jim started out in lane 2 but took the scenic tour, visiting competing rowers in neighboring lanes 1 and 3 before finally getting his bearing and getting on with the race plan (to  cross the finish line).  Thus, because Jim's race was 1,100m and everyone else raced only 1,000m, he lost by one second and a Silver medal was the best he could do.  You can expect a much more competitive rematch between yesterday's two top finishers next weekend in the Tampa Mayor's Cup Regatta, with the "real" winner to be decided there once and for all.  ;-)

Shortly after the 1x events were completed, Saundra coxed and Jim rowed the bow seat of a composite Men's 8+ crew (which was comprised almost exclusively of scullers).  The challenging thing about this crew was that several of the rowers had never before rowed in a crew, some had never rowed Sweep, and most of us had never met each other until the day before the race.  Seven of us were able to meet and hold a 5,000m practice the night before the race; Saundra coxed and tried to teach us as much as possible given such a short amount of time.  We didn't even see our 8th rower until just before the race on Sunday, but all of the rowers were fit and they seemed to learn quickly.  Happily, we mostly "rowed as one" for the race!  (There may be something to be said about rowing in small boats and later transferring that skill to a bigger boat..)

Lastly, Jim and Saundra finally got a Gold medal in their mixed double event.  This victory was against all odds indeed: the rented boat was four sizes too large,  the bow seat's wheels were grinding seizing up and nearly falling off, the riggers didn't have enough adjustable spacers to lower the oarlocks adequately, shoes were completely worn out and unable to hold the feet in place, and the race course buoys were blowing around enough to make it difficult for the guy in the bow to tell where was the actual lane line.  What an adventure!  But horsepower prevailed and they won the heavy metal!

Total medal count: 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze.  (Psst: there's still time to register for the Tampa Mayor's Cup regatta and the trailer is going up there...)

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Fentress