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CCRC Once Again Brings Back The Bling

By Jim Fentress, 05/07/18, 7:15AM EDT


Gold and other precious medals, anyone?

CCRC once again made its presence known to other teams and crews in the region (and beyond) at yesterday's FL Master's Regatta in Orlando.

Weather conditions were certainly NOT in our favor, rowing as we do in such protected water. Lake Fairview's brisk crosswinds, huge wakes generated by the officials' launches, and sparse lane buoys blown about in the winds presented some challenges to the smaller boats like the singles and the doubles.  Our coxed 4+ crews were having to row in top form with blades high off the water to avoid catching crabs and being especially mindful of the catch, or they risked missing their catches altogether!

CCRC did bring back some bling, however:

* 1x Gold: Jim F. (this was an ugly race, but the results were positive). The friendly race officials kept shouting at both me and John Pokorny, waving their happy little white flag trying to direct us back to our correct lane.

* 2x Silver: Joe G. and Alex A. crossed a couple of lanes but kept on rowing regardless, earning a well-deserved 2nd place finish.

* 2x Bronze: Jim F. and John Pokorny (Talk about a crazy race!  Just 0.2 seconds separated the two CCRC crews racing the 2x event.  Jim and John had to race the 2x event with only an hour recovery time after racing in their 1x event.  And once again, those friendly race officials kept shouting at all of us, waving their happy little white flag trying to shepherd us back into our assigned lanes.)

* Men's 4+ Fifth: Priscilla coxed as Shawn stroked and the rest of the crew, Jon H, Len and John Ruff rowed to a 5th place finish, just five seconds behind the 4th place finishers and well ahead of the 6th place Halifax crew. This was a very competitive event with THREE flights of M4+ racing, and we were competing with a NOVICE rower aboard: this was John Ruff's first regatta! Plus, this crew raced with only two or three weeks preparation, due to travel and work schedules of every rower.

* Men's 4x Gold: Jim, Alex, Len, and Joe finally raced to the finish line after taking the scenic tour of the bullrushes, neighboring lanes, you name it, we saw it all. Our stake boat was awesome... there was no stake boat holder at this point; the boat was infested with ants and spiders, and leaking like a sieve. Joe in bow and I in stroke seat had to back and row at the same time trying to keep alignment before the delayed start (seriously?). And once again, the friendly race officials kept shouting at us all the way down the course of the race, waving their happy little white flag as we took the scenic tour of the lake.

* Mixed 4+ Fourth place: Joe coxed Shawn, Jon H, Liz D, and Priscilla to the finish line, this time only six seconds out of a medal position. They probably could have gotten the third place if only Joe hadn't eaten chocolate chip pound cake and ice cream just before coxing the race. Coxswains are supposed to be very careful of their weight, right?! And take note, all you novices, this was Priscilla's first regatta!

Then, to cap off all this excitement, as we were de-rigging the last boat and loading the gear back onto the trailer (including the tent we'd brought along for shelter), mother nature cooled all of us off with a solid downpour. Drowned rats. You'll be able to tell from the group photos we took at the end of the day