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Required Waivers

Required Waivers

Risk Advisory

Please realize that any sports activity such as rowing or crew may involve certain dangers, including, but not limited to the hazards of rowing, shell collision or upset, water immersion, lifting, and carrying of shells/boats and equipment, forces of nature, conditioning exercises and the actions of participants and other persons. 

Required Waivers

Both US Rowing and NOARA on-line waivers are now required to be completed by all CCRC MEMBERS who participate in any club event, practices and all regattas.  Guest rowers need only complete the NOARA waiver/release of liability form.

  • Members: US Rowing waivers are required to be filled out on an annual basis, and are valid for the calendar year Jan 1st to Dec 30th.  The US Rowing waiver includes a photo release clause.
  • Members, North America Rowing Association (NOARA) waivers are required to be filled out on an annual basis, and are valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.  Includes Florida State Commercial & Noncommercial Waivers for scholastic rowers.
  • Under 18 members must have a parent or guardian complete the waivers.

US Rowing Waiver instructions:
This must be completed by all members of CCRC every year for liability insurance purposes. Click here to proceed or go to and select the Individuals: "Join" or "Members" button.  See below:

  • Current CCRC Members: If you are a current CCRC member and you had previously completed a US Rowing Waiver you can search for your info using your name & date of birth or your US Rowing ID.  Once you find it, update the contact info and emergency contact info.  You'll be given a brief questionnaire and asked to pay a $7.75 admin fee ($9.95 in 2018) unless you choose a Championship Membership which costs $65.
  • New CCRC Members: If you are a new CCRC member and have never filled out a US Rowing Waiver you will be asked to manually enter Name, Address, Phone Numbers, D.O.B., Email Address and Emergency Contact Information. Click on "Search" and then enter "MKRUD" in in the popup window asking for the Club Code. In the next window in the Membership Type pull down menu select BASIC (cost is $9.95 in 2018),  then follow the instructions.
  • Note for all new and existing CCRC members: Your information must be completed 100% before proceeding to accept the terms of the waiver and submitting it. Make sure you click on Submit to upload your info, then you'll be asked check the box indicating that you have read and agree to the terms of the Waiver.   You may have to click on Submit button once more.  If you were successful you will receive a notification stating so.  If not you'll need to do it again.
  • NOTE: In addition to the on-line waivers, parents must complete the paper form for the Florida Commercial and Non-Commercial Waiver attached to Scholastic Registration Packet.

NOARA/FSRA Waiver instructions for Parents of Scholastic RowersClick here to proceed. Once on the website, parents of scholastic rowers select from the FSRA Team pull down menu "Select Your School Name" and choose "Unaffiliated - Caloosa Coast Rowing Club" (we are not affiliated with any school rowing program), then complete and submit your student's waiver.

NOARA/FSRA Waiver instructions for Adults (18 and over):  Click here to proceed. Once on the website,  select from the "Select Your School Name" pull down menu "Caloosa CoastRowing Club", then complete, print and submit your waiver.  Guest rowers be sure to bring the printed waiver and release of liability with you to leave with the club.