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Guest Rowers

We Love To Have Visitors!

Since we row in Paradise, it is no surprise that we get lots of guest rowers!

We get guest rowers from all around the US and the globe visiting us to get in a few strokes while on vacation or for a few weeks during the winter.

The first row is FREE, after that we ask that you purchase a guest membership.  This helps us defray the costs of maintaining our equipment.

If you decide to row with us, please complete a waiver (see below) or fill one out at our boatyard. 

We also ask that you row at a regular practice for at least the first row.  You can contact us for information on upcoming practices.

Here is a link to directions to the boatyard.

CCRC Rules for Rowing Club Shells

Caloosa Coast Rowing Club Rules for Rowing Club Sculls.

CCRC members who row any of the club’s sculls are defined as either “Unqualified” or “Qualified”

“Unqualified” scullers are not permitted to row in the club’s sculls without another club member within visual contact.

Further restrictions/requirements for rowing club sculls are as follows.

  1. “UNQUALIFIED”scullers shall be:

    • Escorted by either a club member in a safety launch or another experienced sculler rowing with them.

    • In constant visual range of the escort.

  2. “QUALIFIED”scullers shall be:

• Escorted by an experienced club member in another boat and rowing with them.

• In constant visual range of or have cell phone communication with their rowing escort.

  1. LOGBOOK: A Log Book is maintained in the storage shed.  Scullers are required to log IN prior to rowing and log OUT when complete.  Entries shall include: Date, Time In & Out, shell being rowed, and any problems encountered with equipment i.e. leaks, broken or missing parts, etc.  Notify the Equipment Team ASAP if any equipment is missing or broken. 

  2. Sculls must be washed and drained of any water after use, and tied down.

QUALIFICATIONS:  The following defines the requirements for becoming “Qualified”.  Checkouts are to be administered by any of the Club’s coaches.

  1. Pass a swimming test.
  2. Perform the following rowing techniques safely and with adequate proficiency:
  • Launching: sitting down into the boat and shoving off the dock.
  • Demonstrate proper oar handling & basic rowing technique consisting of:
    • Steering.

    • Balance.

    • Making quick stops and direction changes.

    • Docking, removal from the water and returning to the racks.

    • Perform an intentional flip and recovery.

    • Demonstrate familiarity with boating rules and regulations pertaining to rowers and other boat traffic (i.e. right-hand traffic patterns.  High-visibility rowing garb, etc).

If you wish to be become qualified for rowing a CCRC single you can make arrangements for a checkout with either: 

Joe Guttieri

Stefan Sztansca

Jon Hart

Jim Fentress

CCRC Rowing Shells available for club use

Beginner to Intermediate

  • 1x: Maas Aero
  • 1x: Maas Aero
  • 1x: Cambridge
  • 1x: Alden
  • 2x: Alden "Allway"

Intermediate (3 months or more sculling experience)

  • 1x: Little River Jon Snow
  • 2x: Little River (outside boatyard

Intermediate to Advanced (1 yr or more sculling experience)

  • 1x: Pocock Ltwt (functional but in serious disrepair)
  • 1x: Wintech Junior Racer (ultra lightweight)
  • 1x: Swift Mdwt Competitor
  • 2x: Wintech Mdwt "Red Leader"
  • 2x: Wintech Ltwt "Good Will"

Advanced Scullers Only (coachs' permission REQUIRED)

  • 2x/+: Vespoli Mdwt
  • 4x/+: Swift Elite "Intrepid"
  • 4x/-: Vespoli VHP quad

Become a Sponsor or make a donation to CCRC

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor or donor to CCRC's mission of bringing the sport of rowing to youth and adults of southwest Florida!

Your donations to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization are tax-deductible.  Simply send us an email with information on what level of sponsorship you wish, or specify the amount of the donation you intend, and whether you prefer to designate the funds towards a particular program.  We will create an invoice for that amount and email it to you.

Even your Amazon purchases can make a contribution to our efforts here at CCRC.  Simply point your Amazon shopping link to "" and select Caloosa Coast Rowing Club  ( as your charity/non-profit organization.  Amazon then donates 0.5% of almost every purchase to CCRC.  It doesn't get simpler than that!

The other way to make a donation directly to CCRC is through PayPal.  Simply use PayPal to send money to "Friends and Family" using our address, with a note informing us how you wish those funds to be used (if you have a specific intention for the donation).

We sincerely thank you for your support!

The staff and members of Caloosa Coast Rowing Club