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Membership Programs and Registration

CCRC Membership Programs: 2018

CCRC offers several programs in support of our mission, and whichever program you do select, you will need to fill out the appropriate Waivers in order to row with us!

Adult Learn to Row Program:   This program is for persons with little or no prior experience with rowing.   The cost is $175 and  covers six sessions.  More details can be found on the Learn to Row page.  After you have completed our Learn To Row course, you can then sign on to a full membership with CCRC.  Read on for more details on our membership programs.

Basic Membership (Non-Coached): $400.  Any rower who wishes to join CCRC will pay the basic membership dues.  Basic members normally provide their own equipment, but if approved by our coaching staff they can use designated club equipment.  Basic Members cannot participate in any CCRC coached rowing practices without first subscribing to a Novice or Experienced Program membership.

Seasonal Rowers pay the Basic Membership dues but pay a discounted rate for the Experienced Masters Practice Program fee as outlined below.

Coxswain Membership:  This is both simple and complex.  The simple part is that the membership fee is $0.00.  The complex part is that if a cox also wishes to row, our general guideline for cox'ing and rowing is that there be a 3:1 ratio of cox'd practices to rowing practices and that the coxswain also commit to coxing for us at regional regattas.

Masters (Novice and Experienced) Coached Rowing Programs:  These programs are for adult rowers with basic (Novice) or advanced (Experienced) rowing competencies.  The practices are co-ed and held several times per week throughout the year (they are listed on the Events Page).

Novice Coached Practice Program:  The Novice Practice Program is for recreational rowers and for our Learn To Row graduates who wish to improve their basic rowing skills.  Novice Practice members will be limited to the Coached and/or Attended rowing practices held on Wednesday evening, and Friday and Sunday mornings until they become proficient enough to be become eligible for Open Practice rowing and/or promoted to Experienced Masters status.  Then, after paying the incremental step to the  Experienced Masters Practice program fee they will enjoy unlimited access to all group coached rows .

 $140 program fees (these are added to the $400 Basic Membership annual dues) $540 total annual dues.  (This will be pro-rated according to the time of year you join)

Experienced Masters Coached Practice Program: The Masters Practice Program members will have unlimited access to all group coached rows in addition to Basic Membership privileges.

$230 program fees (these are added to the $400 Basic Membership dues) = $630 total annual dues. (This will be pro-rated according to the time of year you join)

Seasonal Masters Coached Practice Program:  Seasonal Masters Practice Program members will have unlimited access to all group coached rows in addition to Basic Membership privileges.

$115 program fees are added to the $400 Basic Membership dues = $515 total annual dues.

Guest Rowing:  First row free, afterwards $10/day, $25/week, $80/month.  You must complete the NOARA Waiver (Caloosa Coast Rowing Club) and the US Rowing Release of Liability then bring it with you for your first session with us.


High School and Middle School Programs

Middle School Scholastic Program - This program is for middle school age rowers.  No prior rowing experience is necessary.  The focus is on developing good rowing skills but mixed with a moderate emphasis on competition.  

$900 program fees (these are added to the $400 membership annual dues) = $1300 per year (split into two seasons with monthly payments available) for 9 months/year of coached rowing. Middle school rowers practice 3 coached sessions per week.

High School Scholastic Program:  The focus of the high school rowing program is on developing and refining consistently good rowing technique coupled with strength and endurance conditioning.  Girls and boys will compete in local and regional regattas.  Parent participation is encouraged.

$1215 program fees (these are added to $400 Basic Membership dues) = $1,615 per year for 12 months of coached rowing (spring, summer & fall seasons) with a monthly payment option available.  High school rowers will practice five coached sessions per week.

High School Off Season Rowing:  These  sessions are an opportunity for high school rowers who wish to row outside of the regular Spring and Fall season rowing sessions.  These sessions are for  intermediates and beginners alike.  Register Here for Coached Off Season Rowing

Youth Learn To Row:  New scholastic rowers are accepted year round through our youth Learn To Row sessions.  Contact the appropriate coach (see the Contact Us page) for arrangements.

Scholastic Summer Camp Programs$250.  These two-week sessions are the perfect opportunity for high school and middle school who are interested in trying out rowing but are thinking twice before committing to a full semester of rowing .  No prior rowing experience is required... these are for beginners and intermediates alike.  Registration for Summer Camp (scroll to the bottom of that page).

Additional Fees:

Rack Rental: $175 single, $275 double

Regatta fees: $35 This fee is charged per person per event entered (MS and HS are charged per regatta).

Uniforms are purchased as needed and the cost is in addition to the Membership dues and program fees.

Discounts:  We offer discounts to families wishing to row with us here in Cape Coral: 10% family of two, 15% family of three, 20% family of four or more.

Please contact us if you wish more information, otherwise, what are you waiting for?  Become a member of CCRC today by completing the registration linked below!

2018 Caloosa Coast Membership Registration

If you're ready to come row with us, you'll need to:

1) create a SportsEngine account if you don't already have one,

2) complete any necessary Waivers, and then (finally!),

3) register with us here at CCRC.  To do this, just click on the Registration Bar below (of course you have already completed those vital first two steps!)  

If you have questions on any registration details, please refer back to the Programs information above, or contact us.

If you are in high school or middle schoolthe  2018 Spring season is now open, you also begin by clicking on the Registration bar below or  click here to register.