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Boats for Sale

Two Eights for Sale

Caloosa Coast Rowing Club is selling two underutilized boats so they can be better used to their potential. These two boats are quite rowable and could be delivered to Masters World Championships or transported to anywhere in south FL. 

The blue 2012 Olym "Henegan" in the photos at the bottom of this page is a big men's carbon fiber boat (it's for tall heavyweights), but most of the seat carriages have been upgraded to allow adjustable seat heights for shorter rowers. The hull is segmented at #6 seat making it FISA international compliant. Asking $3,000.

The 1998 white Vespoli "Difixio" needs some TLC, but is rowable and would good for high school junior or middle school programs and for Learn To Rows. Asking $1,700

Email Jim with any questions you might have!